Hall of Breakfast


Talk about a project born out of love and labor! Hall of Breakfast was founded and created by a group of designers, artists, and friends who share the same belief - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our team set out to create a space that finds the ART and PLAY in the EVERYDAY. Hall of Breakfast is a chance for you to wake up your creativity. My role and goal as the lead designer was to create a brand, color story, and on-site experience that embodied what Hall of Breakfast represents: creativity, local art, fun, and authenticity.

Design + Art Direction: Courtney Mahon
Photography: Courtney Mahon
Project Managers: John Connors + Sophie Weichers
Installation Art Directors: Jesse Draper + Kristen Cordova
Art + Product Development: Carter Hurst
Motion Design: Hoang Truong